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What you'll learn

Course Value €320

☑️  Basic Coding

☑️ Database Creation & Dynamic Pages

☑️ How To Deal With Datasets

☑️ How To Create a Search Bar

☑️ How To Filter a Repeater using a Search Bar

☑️ How To Filter a Number Field

☑️ How To Filter Multiple Fields

☑️ How To Filter Using a Dropdown

☑️ How To Filter Using Two Dropdown​ or more

☑️ How To Filter Using a Slider

☑️ How To Filter Between Given Prices

☑️ Search Bar That Filter Results Into Another Page

☑️ How To Populate a Dropdown From Database

☑️ How Remove Duplicates From Dropdown

☑️ Populate a Dropdown and Add "All" option

☑️ How To Use if/else Statement

☑️  How to Add Dropdown Options Using Code

☑️ Dealing With Repeaters

☑️ Connecting Repeater Items Using Code

☑️ Collapsing & Expanding Items in Repeater

☑️ Limit Characters in Repeater

☑️ Link Repeater to a Dynamic Page using Code

☑️ How To Convert a Number into a Currency

☑️ How To Display a Counting Text for a Repeater

☑️ Add a Pagination and Why You Need It

☑️ Add a Reset Button That Filters Back All Results

☑️ How To Reset A Dropdown​ Value

☑️ Add a Loading Gif Whenever The Filter Starts

... and more to come soon!

Programming Console


Total Value €320 

This course includes

  • 33 resources + 3 PREMIUM CONTENT

  • Full lifetime access

  • Access from desktop & mobile

  • Live examples

  • Ready codes to paste into your site

In addition to this you will also get the following PREMIUM CONTENT:

☑️ Add a Search Bar That Filters Multiple Databases (Real Value €150)

Total Course Value €320

Wix Code Full Tutorial: From Beginner to Intermediate (Plus ADVANCED CONTENT!)

Learn how to start coding on Wix using this course. Study the code, try with live examples and copy the codes into your site.


Last updated September 2020

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